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Name:Rain Kalfas
Birthdate:Apr 14
Location:United States of America
Hello there! My sincere thanks for visiting this page!

I am a novice programmer who is currently attending university, with hopes of working in the tech field after graduation. I am not entirely certain which exact area I will go into, but subjects that interest me are educational software and website development for the benefit of disadvantaged minorities. I am especially interested in the development of artificial intelligence, namely human-like ones, but such an accomplishment may be well beyond our current lifespans... or is it?

My first (and currently only) language is Java, though I am also interested in web languages and Python. I am fluent enough to understand the basic logic of the language and to read documentation; however, I am still learning basic but essential concepts like error catching and management, and loathe as I am to admit it, I have a ways ahead of me before I can call myself truly fluent. It is daunting, truly so, but as they say--when climbing up a mountain of a thousand steps, do not fixate upon all the steps that remain, but focus only upon achieving the next step. It is a saying I recite to myself daily.

What else? I am a passionate fan of Pokemon, namely the Hoenn games--Hoenn is -home-. Aside from Pokemon, I adore the game Transistor (for reasons that should be apparent to any programmer who has played it!) and am looking forward to the release of Night in the Woods. I prefer mostly instrumental music when working. A subject that is very near and dear to me is psychological plurality--if you do not know what that is, I am willing to explain it, but it requires a very open mind. I eat when hungry and sleep when tired, unless there is homework to be done(), or Internet to read(). I really must be better with that.

I am something of a recluse in physical life (another thing I am working to change!) but I love getting to know people online, so please do message me at any time!

Interests (7):

chatting, eating when hungry and sleeping when tired., gaming, night in the woods, pokemon rse/oras, programming (java), transistor
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